Community Support Program -  La Crosse County


Community Support Programs (CSP) provide coordinated care for individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness who are having difficulty coping with the ordinary demands of life. Through intensive case-management, participants are able to live independently in their community.
CSP seeks to help participants:

  • Address social isolation, housing issues, personal care practives, relationships, employment concerns, and recurring crisis

  • Obtain, maintain, or increase invovement with therapeutic, rehabilitative, educational and recreational services

The central focus of CSP is to facilitate the recovery process and personal growth of each participant.

Community Support Programs

La Crosse County

     1707 Main Street

     La Crosse, WI 54601

     (608) 785-0001

Jackson County

     409 County Road R

     Black River Falls, WI 54615

     (715) 284-9477

Vernon County

     1321 N Main Street

     Viroqua, WI 54614

     (608) 637-7052

Program Highlights

  • Intensive case management program for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness
  • Goal is to allow individuals to live as independently as possible within their home community
  • Utilizes a strength-based approach to help individuals maintain healthy, productive life styles
  • Includes a comprehensive array of services such as rep payees, independent living and social skills training, medication monitoring, AODA services and housing and vocational assistance
  • Staffed by Master’s level social workers, registered nurses, peer support specialists, and an in-house psychiatrist


CSP includes a comprehensive array of services based on the needs of the individual and incorporate self-help and other approaches that allow participants to retain the greatest possible control over their own lives.

Case Management

  • Coordination and monitoring of treatment services
  • Ongoing review of treatment needs
  • Advocacy for needed benefits and services
  • Education and support to participant's families
  • Financial management


  • Comprehensive assessment and recovery planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Symptom management
  • Supportive counseling and psychotherapy
  • Medical prescription and medication monitoring

Rehabilitation/Skill Therapy

  • Employment/vocational activities
  • Daily living activities
  • Social and recreational activities

Services are provided by a team consisting of a case manager, psychiatrist, nurse, mental health technician, and peer support specialist.

Peer Support

Each participant has access to a Peer Support Specialist, an individual also recovering from a mental illness who has been specially trained to help others through the recovery process. Peer Support Specialists model effective coping techniques and self-help strategies based on their own recovery experience. They offer an expertise that professional training cannot replace.

Supported Employment

Support Employment services are available for participants interested in obtaining competitive employment. Through Indicidual Placement and Support, participants can go to school, volunteer, or get a job. Motivation to work is a strong predictor of success and can help individuals overcome barriers as a result of their mental illness.


Referrals must come from the Aging and Disability Resources Center of Western Wisconsin. If you, or a loved one, are interested in services, please call 1-800-500-3910. Participation in CSP is voluntary unless committed through a court order. There is no cost to participate.

For more information please contact (608) 785-0001 or

Serving Communities in western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota
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